The Thursday Post Critiques 8.12.16


“He will turn into a skeleton sitting there.” Lipi said, grimacing, that made her ugly face uglier.

“What can I do sis?” her brother asked. “Try to move the body and get caught?”

“Do something! If a neighbor visits, enters the house s/he will instantly smell the stench.” Lipi said, not done yet. She was starting to panic.

She married this handsome man, who had a physical defect which made him incapable of playing the part of a husband in bed. So he applied for a woman who will marry him knowing everything. He was getting lonely with growing age.

She responded.

That poor fellow did not knew she was a serial bride, she married and escaped with whatever she could within a week of marriage, and she picked up desperate men like this one. Desperate and well to do, but not rich, that may result in getting caught.

So, this bloke lived in a small two storey house with a basement. She went as per the plan but when she was slinking away he woke up and caught her red-handed, he was about to call cops when her brother came to rescue. Unfortunately the blow was too hard and he died, then and there.

They brought the body down to the basement and decided they will dump the body and live in the house, he was kind of a recluse, so no one knew him, so her brother will play his role in the outside world whenever required. After some time they will sell the house and move on.

Today was the second day, the roads were busy with people celebrating Durgapuja, if something went wrong they wont be able to escape, so dumping the body was out of question right now but it was really starting to scare her. Maybe, they should just escape!

“Let’s do it tonight!” her brother said. He grabbed a gummy bag and they went downstairs, one after the other.

Where was the body? It has disappeared from the chair.

They turned on the light, a line of body fluids went up the stairs, to show them the direction, they followed the trail to the first floor, to her bedroom.

It was lying on the bed, the entire room was stinking.

“Who did it?” she howled, sure that it was her brother’s sick sense of humour.

“Not me!” he shook his head vigorously.

Together they went towards the body.

“Is he…” she asked shaking violently “…snoring?”


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