The Thursday Post Critiques 5.1.17


Dr. Rat: “That human being destroyed your nest without any reason at all?”

The little sparrow nodded in consent.

“OK. Here, it is Mr. Crow’s card. His fee is nominal. You will manage it, go talk with him. He will help you in teaching that wicked fellow a lesson. Do build your next nest away from that man’s home.”

“Here is what you will have to do! Squeeze into his ventilator and keep an eye on him, where he keeps his cell phone, wallet, watch, jewelry etc.” The crow said after hearing him, “If you ever see him leaving one or all of them open on table or other places and see that fellow get out of his house tell me.”

The sparrow started his vigil, then it happened, the man left his diamond ring on bathroom basin, he informed the crow. The crow flew in and came out with it in his beaks.

“What will you do with it?” the sparrow asked.

“My kids will play with it. See how it shines?” the crow asked.

The grunting and shouting of the man told the sparrow that he has been avenged. This time he picked up a spot far away from that man’s house, hoping people are better here.

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