The Thursday Post Critiques 26.1.17


He was nibbling on the soft juicy apple when a rough hand grabbed him and plucked him from the branch.

“There you are you thief!” he heard a bellowing voice and realized a human child has captured him. He wriggled with all his might but it was too strong. It carried him to a table and picked up a soft bread, he loved eating breads… especially the tastier ones. But this child placed him upon one and placed another one upon him. That was a little suffocating and very scary.

“You ate my fruits now I am going to eat you!” It hissed into his ears. His blood froze. The kid lifted him and was about to bite him when a shrill voice saved him.

“What do you think you are doing?” it was his mother standing at the house door, hands on her hips.

The kid dropped him and he ran… and ran… and ran. He never returned to that garden.


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