The Thursday Post Critiques 16.3.17


A shiver ran down her spine when she saw that her newest doll was again replaced by her childhood rag doll. She was too young to understand it before but now she was thirteen and old enough to know something was not right. Whenever she boxed the rag doll for another doll it got replaced!

That day she boxed it and waited in the bed, eyes closed but not sleeping. A soft rustle made her open her eyes to a chink, there was her rag doll, walking on floor, it scampered up to her bed and grabbed her new Barbie by its leg and dragged it to the garden’s farthest corner, it dug a hole in the ground and buried it. Shweta tiptoed back to her room and went to bed with a heart beating like a drum. A little later it returned to Shweta’s room and sprawled by her side after softly kissing her forehead. One of its rag hands resting on hers! Shweta never tried replacing it again.


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