snail 6.8.14 FS

“Watch where you are going!” someone shouted.

She looked around her, there was no one anywhere!

“Watch it lady!” the order was repeated, “Or else you will pay! I am already late, I had to deliver these letters last year, and if you squish me, all the insects waiting for their mails will come raiding your house! Will you regret it or what!”

She quickly stepped over it and looked around to check if someone was around.

“Good decision lady.” the snail shouted as she quickly walked away.



“Who are these vigilantes?” the minister grumbled furiously. His eyes were bloodshot due to lack of sleep. Who can sleep when hundreds of voices are chanting “Vande mataram” from midnight till dawn?

He was not the only one suffering. Every corrupt man, woman in the country was suffering from the same predicament.

The infuriating thing was the honest people were sleeping peacefully right beside them, without being least bothered. As if they could not hear that thunderous roaring.

“Everyone is saying that they are the spirits of freedom fighters… sick of corruption!”

That tree 10.8.14

“That tree wont save you little girl…” the werewolf growled and licked his chops, drooling with saliva.

The girl pressed herself to the tree, tears welling up in her eyes. She passed some time with this tree every evening, fell asleep and woke up when this wolf was drooling all over her.

A cracking sound made the wolf jump, the trunk of the tree sucked the girl in and then its branches started lashing out at him….

splat… splat…

JULY 2014


He trolled her with the vehemement loyalty that comes from a son when his parents are victimized in his eyes. He made it his life’s motto to stalk and troll her, till she shuts up or dies.

He never even guessed it was his parents who were the predators, and she was their innocent victim.

Ruined beyond repair by a pair of monsters.

He called his parents and wholeheartedly adored.


She looked at the creature cowering like a terrified fawn, he was hideous in one word, must be a twin that went wrong somewhere inside the womb. She looked at the mob gathered around him, eager to lynch.

“What has he done?” she demanded.

“He steals chickens and goats from the barns…” one of them roared.

“I will handle that.” she answered, “he wont steal anymore…. now get lost before…”

JUNE 2014


“Come sweet sailor…” the girl pouted, her red mouth was like two rubies, burning…

“Nice shade of lipstic… hon!” he smiled and showed her his wedding ring.

“Wifey wont know….” she smiled saucily.

“Then let’s go….” He giggled, his head was light from drinking too much.

An hour later when dawn arrived his body was found.

His mysterious seductress was snoozing, in a deserted coalmine a little distance away, hanging from the ceiling.

(73 words)

“A song will rise from those lips luscious, and will drown you.” he smiled at the fortune cookie. He whistled all the way to his ship, a mighty beauty ready to cross the ocean to venture into new worlds.

Her emereald eyes, luscious lips and seductive song made him forget that she was sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere… middle of ocean.

MAY 2014

Monster heart

She thought everything was fair in love, so with help of her friends she convinced her target prince that the woman he loved was a witch, she painted her vile- top to bottom, and married him. Few years passed in silk and satin, then her mask fell off. Her husband divorced her.

She vowed vengeance and started to stalk the woman he loved. Waiting for another chance to destroy her.

Hatred and envy

“Envy often looks like hatred… but I guess there is a slight difference, envy wants to be like the person it envies… openly or in secret.” He said. “But hatred, if given a chance to be like the target of hatred wont be like that…”

“But envy often pretends to be hatred… so it is hard to tell, mostly it is possible if it is churning inside your own heart…”


Two times a loser

“He lost me twice… first time he befriended me, hiding who he was, scared that I may be a golddigger.” She said, “He fell in love, liked what he saw in me… but lo! how could he tell me that he has been testing me? So he took a break.”

“Then he returned with true identity, but I rejected him, because he could not explain why was he hiding before.”


I will let you go…

“I will let the rest of you go. If you let me have the one I want.” The creature said.

“Why dont you come inside and try.” The kids cowering inside the room retorted back, perspiration covering their tired faces.

“You lose.. told you not everyone cowers.” second creature grinned. “I told you there are people who wont let others slaughter innocents to save themselves, or for personal gain, profit….”

One question each

sphinx 25.01.2014 3

“I will answer one question by you, and you will have to answerr one by me.” The sphinx said, “If you answer my question you can go, or else I will eat you.”

“Who will ask the first question?” He asked in return.

“You…” was the answer.

“Okay, then tell me where is the treasure hidden.” He asked.

The sphinx gave me the perfect guidance.

“Now my turn…” it said.

APRIL 2014


The love we seek

statue 15.2.14 1

“I will grant your wish.” The goddess said in a loving voice. “But will that make you happy?”

“Oh yes…” she said, her eyes brimming with tear, she wanted him so much.

“As you wish…” she smiled and disappeared.

“She did not deserved that rascal.” an angel said a little sad, “She deserrved better.”

“Ah… I guess at the end people marry the people they think they are worthy of.”


the short trip

vermeer 1.4.14 25

“He is my mentor.” the young man with face full of beard and head filled with unruly hair mumbled. “They say that aliens kidnapped him….because he knew they were in earth.”

“When did that happen?” he asked, trying to suppress his grin.

“Hundred years ago, right on this date.”

“How did you know?”

“He told me, last night…”


“Yes…” The painting answered. “I am on short visit to earth.


The globe

vermeer 1.4.14 26

“He was my grandfather.” Alberto said. “He was obsessed with treasure hunt, one took him to some wild island in Caribean sea, when he returned, he was raving mad.”

“All he babbled that he has stolen their God and is holding it captive inside earth… it is cursing him driving him insane. Only thing he had with him was that cursed globe.”

“Where is that globe now?”

“heaven only knows.”


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