2014- love stories


once in a while 8.11.14

“I thought you have disconnected yourself from the matters of human beings.” The angel asked God. God smiled softly, a little mischief twinkling in her serene eyes.

“No… well I do keep away most of the times, I intercept only when they torture someone I take a fancy on, or who loves me too much.” she smiled and turned away her face to hide her expression.


Just watch 2.9.14

She looked at her palm, a little blue ball was spinning on it.

“It’s so pretty!” she said.

“Is not it?” her mother softly unruffled her hair.

“Soon there will be little toys all over it.” her mother pulled her to her lap. “Dont disturb them, just watch.”


It’s only a heart 18.8.14

“Is it yours?” she asked.

“Yes… thanks.” he took the pencil from her and turned away. He could see the yearning in her eyes but ignored it. After all, who will be interested in the most clumsily dressed girl in the class?

A few weeks later he was returning home from school when he passed by her house.

At first he thought she was crazy mumbling to herself, then he realized that she was talking to a tree.

He knew their mothers were friends, so very casually he popped her up in their lunchtime discussion.

“Oh that poor thing…” her mother gushed with motherly affection. “I dont know what is wrong with Jaya (her mother), she is so educated, beautiful, talented but she doesnot gives a hoot to her two kids, they totter around in rags, when they are sick their father looks after them not her…. poor little things… you dont make fun of them do you?” she turned her attention to her son.

He shook his head. He was not that type.

Next day he was sitting in his class when she passed by.

“Hey!” he called out… “I missed a note yesterday… will you help?”

wrong signals 11.8.14

“Dr. Ghosh….” the lanky young man called him out.

“Yes doctor?” he turned with a smile. His bright face lit up when he looked at the sweet girl clinging to her daddy’s finger.

“Hello little lady!” he smiled broadly.

“This is for you.” the little girl handed him a daisy, fresh pluck from her father’s garden it seemed.

“Thank you darling.” he smiled broadly before turning away. His smile became wider when he heard his little admirer whispering furiously to her father.

“I told you he loves me too… why else will he call me darling?”

JULY 2014


“If you really dont want to move the relationship any further then call it a quits…” she said firmly. Even though her heart was bleeding.

He sat there, his head lowered without answering.

She made the mistake of falling love, admitting it … but it has been more than a year and there was no confirmation from him, she decided that she will move on before its too late for her.

“I will be leaving today…for Delhi, I accepted the job there. So, most probably we wont meet again…” she got up. He clasped her hand and pulled her back.

“What?” she asked.

“Come with me if you have some time…” he said.

They reached his home, a lady opened the door.

“Mom this is Aritri.” he introduced them.

“Come inside.” she smiled warmly.

They sat down on the sofa, side by side, his mother went inside to prepare tea.

“Dada…” she turned her head, a teenager was standing at the door, looking at them, swaying to and fro.

“He is my younger brother, two years junior, he is specially challenged you can see that…” he said. “I have seen how most of my friends reacted when I introduced them to him, he is not inferior to us, he is just different, and I dont mind sharing my bread with my brother…. but I cant demand anyone else to share her life with him… because he is a part of my life that I cant and wont let go…”

She reached out and held his hand.

JUNE 2014


The water of Ganges was flowing, serenely.

He placed his bag on the stairs of the Ghat and sat down, by Ghat Indians meant mostly concreted stairs with wide platforms leading to the river, for bathing and as jetties…

A soft rustle of dress made him turn, he knew who it was, she came to the Ghat almost exactly at same time, a ten or so minutes before sun showed up, she was beautiful.

Not in the sense of the girls he has knew, has grown up with, fair, lovely maidens with lighter shades of hair and eyes.

This girl was fair, but different type of fair, there was a gold mixed with her brownish fair colour. Her eyes and hair too were deep brown. Her eyes were very calm, full of light. She looked at him shyly and sat down on the opposite end of the stairs.

They passed an hour every morning, watching the sun slowly rise in the eastern sky.

The sound of prayers coming from temples, carried by the river breeze, company of a stranger… he waited all night for these dawns. He wondered if she did the same.


He opened his window for some breeze, the weather was toxic here, hot and humid. It either rained during monsoon or it stuffed up totally.

The roof of the building opposite was visible from his window, he loved watching Indian life, in stealth, hiding behind the curtain.

Early in the morning an elderly man came upstairs to worship the sun. He loved the way he offered a red hibiscus and water to the sun before starting his day.

Next it was the parade of household helps with washed laundry, they all had their individual clothlines where they hanged the clothes before packing off for the morning, he has seen them working for various houses in the same locality for a pitiable amount.

Finally when the things settled down she came on the roof, alongwith a small boy, he knew she was blind. The boy held her hand and guided her to the small swing.

She played her flute till it was too hot to stay there. Then they went downstairs together.

He wondered, if he went there and proposed to her will her parents murder her or be happy that their daughter found someone who loved her.


The one in disguise

“My tarot cards never lie…” the gypsy woman told her. Her four cards told her that justice was about to be served, to be wary of a cunning, very intelligent and highly educated woman, who is trying to ruin her, her problems will be over soon and end of days of hardship.

She did not had any connection with any woman… not that she knew of, she was quite wary of these creatures because of past experiences.

She never knew that a specter from her past is still haunting her, using male pawns to manipulate her life.

That specter was a woman of immense beauty, education and shrewd brain, if not intelligence. Because if she was intelligent she would have said goodbye to crime after having more than she deserved. But she did not and with money became really arrogant, and started to “punish” those who offended her evil highness as severely as she could manage.

Then she made the mistake, she tried to trap someone she thought loved her enemy, she played with him and dumped him. Well, that person was more vindictive than her.

Without the knowledge of the heroine of this story her problems were solved, her secret lover delivered God’s justice but in a very gruesome way.

evil spell

The waves of ocean reached up to touch the moon, only she could see the stair of moon’s rays that came down to touch the ocean. The bridge between her world and his. He was waiting for her at the other end.
The ocean spirit could be with her lover of moon only once every month.

Ages ago they were together, then came the time of man and black magic, she rescued a man from drowning, he got obsessed with her beauty, to control her he casted a spell on her, it did not worked but the next one worked, it distanced her lover from her.

The whole month he weaves the stair from moon, and the touch of first ray of sun next morning destroys it…

The evil man was gone centuries ago but his evil spell remained.

chasing love

His eyes were dazed by the glow of the sun and moon and the million stars that rolled under her feet.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“What do you want?” she asked in return.
“Love…” he answered.
She picked up the most beautiful star from the ones churning under her beautiful feet and tossed it towards him, but it did not reached him, he dived after it.
He could feel the air whooshing past his ears, his lungs screaming…
He could see the light of the star falling in a greater speed, he thought he lost it, tears fell down… it stopped when the first tear drop touched it.

Black Magic woman

“Sorry honey…” the old woman said. “Black magic can’t give you love… that is a thing only another heart can give you… take my suggestion, don’t look for it in magic potions… it corrupts.”

“If you have it, then thank God for it, if you don’t then try some more, if you never have it, don’t be sad, you are one of us, the majority of people… who never tasted it.” The old woman cackled.

Lonely hearts and predators

“That is what lonely hearts do.” The bartender said, “They look for love in bars… a place where brains are hazed with alcohol. Where everyone looks prettier, and everyone acts warmer, except those who flitter around these places looking for preys, human vultures, they are the ones that devour these lonely hearts mostly.”



still there for you

rain woman 1.4.14

It was pouring when she came out of the office, and as usual, there were no buses in the road.

She was standing like a fool in the pouring rain. A car stopped, a young man looked out of the window, “You need a lift?”

“No thanks…” she answered. The last thing she wanted was to take lift from a stranger in a deserted road.

“You wont get any bus… there is three feet deep water in the main road…” he said, “I will take the lift if I was you… dont worry I will behave.”

There was something in his voice that made her believe him and she slipped in the back seat, clutching her perfume bottle firmly, inside the purse… in case.

“You dont remember me, do you? he asked after a while.


“You remember that lanky boy, one that waited for you every day in the bus stop when you returned from school?”

“Yes…” she looked hard at his face in the mirror.

“Well… he still stalks you.” he laughed.


The fake flower

ROSE  16021402 1 E1

“How come you ended up marrying such an ordinary girl?” Mainak could no longer control his tongue. Its been a decade since they last met. He was in love with the most dazzling girl of the college at that time.

Priya was not only beautiful she spoke the sweetest words.

“Well, if you have the choice, will you listen to a koyel singing or will you listen to its recorded voice?” he asked, “I guess the more accurate example will be will you like to grow a garden of actual flowers or fill up your house with more colourful fake flowers?”

“Elaborate please…”

“Mugdha was Priya’s room-mate, she is the sweetest creature you can ever come across, and Priya knew that too, so she simply mimicked her, hiding her true nature.”

“I met Mugdha accidentally, I went looking for Priya and there she was, at first I thought that she mimicked Priya, Priya being the more popular one, but then I realized… so, when Priya moved on, finding herself a really rich guy I did not regretted for a second.”

“BTW, dont ever call Mugdha an ordinary girl… dont even imagine that she is ordinary.” he patted his friend’s hand.

The saviour
barren hills 21.3.14  1

“Some body there?” he shouted. He never even guessed that the rock was loose… He tugged the rope with all his might before he started climbing.

May be it was fate. His leg was hurting like hell. Its been hours…

“Are you okay?” he heard a soft voice, sweet and gentle and opened his eyes, she was standing right beside him, the sun was shining behind her, adding a glow to her entire being.

“I guess not…” he mumbled, trying hard to control the pain.

She softly whistled a huge stallion… no unicorn stepped out of the woods.

She touched his eyes… sleep overtook him.

When he woke up he was lying in a hospital.

“Who brought me here?” he asked the nurse.

She went out and returned with a burly looking man. “Hey! it was nothing… I was just passing by and saw you lying beside the road… it’s good that you could make it to there…”

he closed his eyes.

Was he delirious?


love explosion

boy and girl in embers 16.3.14 1

“You know I love you…” he wrapped his arms around her.

“I know.” she smiled sweetly.

“Then why did you burned her house?” he asked.

“Why was she flirting with you?” she pouted.

“She was not flirting with me… she was only talking…”

“Then why were you flirting with her.” he could feel her body turning into a blazing log. He jumped back a few steps… “Please honey… we were just talking…”

She exploded, he ducked behind a tree.

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