The Simian

He opened his eyes, his head was hurting like hell… masked men and women were bent on him.

“It seems alright Doctor.” one of them said.

“Send it back to sleep…” the one addressed to said.

He felt a surge of drowsiness took over him.

He opened his eyes inside a cage. He was lying flat on its floor, it smelled like hell.

The last thing he remembered was going home from office, sitting by the window of the train, the wind brushing his face, then he flew out of his seat and everything went black.

He remembered listening voices, far away, jumbled, talking about a train accident, about someone in coma…

What was he doing in this cage?

He lifted his hand and grabbed the cage bar, to lift himself up…

whose arm was this… he sprang up and then went back to the floor again howling in pain.

it was not his arm… it was full of huge, coarse hair, brown, like the arm of a chimpanzee …

he lifted his arm and held it in front of his eyes, as close as he could… it was hairy, and full of dandruff, he could see a few insects crawling in and out of it.

he must be dreaming… having a nightmare because of those drugs… he must be still sick, in coma…

he closed his eyes, hoping it will go away when he next opens his eyes.

He fell asleep again, on the cold floor of the cage.

When he opened his eyes again it was light, there were people walking around the cage, wearing aprons.

“How is subject 9 doing?” one of them asked.

“He seems confused…” the other answered.

“Where is doctor?” the first asked.

“In his room..prepare it for checkup and tests.” the second answered before leaving.

The woman came near his cage and sprayed something on his face.

When he regained his sense he was tied to a chair. A man was sitting opposite him. A stetho was hanging from his neck.

“Hello 9” he said.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“In a laboratory…” the doctor answered.

“What have you done to me?” he asked, boiling with rage, he could see that the body in which he was now, was not human. He was not an expert on primates, but it seemed like a Chimpanzee.

“You were dead…” The doctor answered. “We gave you another chance to live…”

“Another chance to live…” he shouted, “are you joking with me?”

“You really dont want everything for free… do you?” the doctor asked back, with exasperation.

“Go to hell!” he muttered.

“Ungrateful wretch!” the doctor mocked.

he pressed a switch, a orderly showed up and wheeled him to a small room, a small prisoner cell like room, with all the facilities of a prison cell.

He was glad that he was not sent back to the cage.

He started to watch their movements, the locking system was perfect. They took them out only once, after physical examination he was sent to training room.


He decided he wont rush out to escape, he first had to know how much control he had over his body. To have full strength he needed rest, food and medicines. So he started to act absolutely meek and dumb. Watching the people around him keenly, with heart full of hatred.

They started to test him for his adaptability, he used those tests to understand how adaptable he was. He only tried the tricks he thought were useful for him, for example he made them get him rid of ticks and skin problems that came hand in hand with that big coat of fur, or he made them aware of the splitting headaches that sometimes left him almost dead for hours.

They both were gone within a fortnight.

To his utmost joy they soon started to take him out to the garden, with a leash and taser, and a dog at heel but that was a landmark.

He noticed most of their other experiments either died or were mostly in their cages because of their mutinous nature. They tried every trick to show their tormentors how they were tormented, how they felt!

He believed in fighting a war only if there is any chance of winning it… what is the use of getting tased, starved?

The wall was really high, and the top was covered, to his great disappointment, with net. The laboratory was quite shrewd for sure. They had the primates in mind.

He noticed some primates walking around just like human beings. The more trained were given a machine that spoke for them. In absolute human voice. If that monkey was speaking on a phone, one will think he or she was interacting with a person.

A feeling of great uneasiness became a resident of his heart.

What, he wondered was their plan!

He noticed during his stay in the garden that quite a good number of vans camed in or out of the building, to bring in or out bodies- both dead, man and animals. Men were sometimes alive, in coma, but animals only went out when they were dead.

Those vans meant to keep the things inside hidden, he wondered what they did with the bodies… he noticed that a driver, and a digger with shovels went with each trip, and the driver was armed.

So, if he somehow sneaked his way in with one of the corpses… they will bury him, or try to bury him… will he be able to overpower a man with a shovel, and a man with a gun?

Or will he try for them to take him out for his first test outside?

He has seen the monkeys going out with two mens in company and return a few hours later. He wondered where they went.

There was no scope of asking… anyway, if there was, he would not have, because he did not wanted to be caught trying to escape- it will be a single attempt that will have to be made succesful.

He decided to wait…

The chance came six months later, by that time he was absolutely independent, and far more smarter than the scientists guessed in their wildest guess.

“Let’s take Subject 9 for a outside trip tomorrow…tell the team.” He heard the doctor instruct his assistant.

he could barely sleep that night.


He saw them gathering up the equipments for his trip, a tran gun, and other things to tame his animal body. “Do behave 9, you know people wont try to help you…even if you are killed… you are but an animal.” his trainer said, as they were heading for the town.

They have already given him the machine that translated his keyed in sentences but they removed it before taking him to town, as a precaution most probably. But they did not knew that furry body has its advantages too, he has already stolen one and stitched it inside his fur. The coat of his hair was real long.

The town was familliar, he has been there a couple of years back, for a small job. The car stopped in a small restaurant. It seemed that they regularly come there with their subjects because no one raised a brow when he went and settled down on a chair.

The food was decent, quite nice after the sloppy cooking of the lab.

He gestured that he will have to relieve himself.

One of the trainers took him to the restroom, it took him one minute to tranq him with one of the darts he had already procured and slip out in the darkness through the back alley.

He quickly disappeared in a nearby factory, deserted, he has noticed while coming inside. He knew this place, he has been there for some construction works, but had deserted it because the mill owners were not ready to pay.

he knew there was a small mine shaft, that was cleverly hid from outside. He slipped inside that and waited for his pursuers to give up.

He could wait there for a day or two, because he picked up some food and water on his way to escape.

They really tore the place apart but finally gave up after four days.

He came out of his hiding place at night and utilizing his hairy body’s dark coat disappeared in the nearby wood.

He came out only during night to get food. During days he stayed deep in the forest, in a log cabin he has stumbled upon, dilapidated but sturdy enough to shelter him if it rained.

It was not that tough for a monkey to procure food, he could easily climb the drainpipes to reach houses of people who slept with their balcony doors open.

He brought some for ration too, so there was no shortage.

At first it was food, clothe or other necessary things but soon common sense made him steal money and other articles he could use.

That night he hit the jackpot… when he entered the house he instantly realized that it was drug den, and they were all out. Money was scattered all around the place, he wiped it clean and disappeared in the night. Before leaving he took one of their cars. Without a licence plate.

He drove all night, day and reached a town up in the hills next night. He left the car at a garage and stole a new one from there, a used but sturdy car.

He traveled up in the hills, he had a small house deep in the woods, where he came for summer trips. The rest of the time it was left deserted.

He settled in there and for the first time started to count his booty.


He did not had much idea about how much he will make from the jewels or his prize loot- a nice little pouch full of diamonds, so he kept them aside while counting the cash, the thing that will be handy now.

It was really huge, he made a huge loot at the drug den, it was above thirty lakh rupees.

He chuckled when he thought about the crooks waking up next morning and discovering their safe empty.

He will have to be careful about the jewels and stones, he will have to keep them for a while.

He went to his room, he always left some dresses there, in case he felt like paying a surprise visit.

He looked at himself in mirror, a chimp in a shorts and loose coat looking at him.

He skipped the idea of bath, it was evening, he may catch cold, he will have to wait for morning before taking bath, so he could dry the fur.

He fished out a bandage from the first aid kit and kept it handy, he will have to go to village for resources, at the max tomorrow, he will have to bandage his bare portions, including face, claiming to be a burn victim, recovering in solitude.

That will be a nice sob story, will keep people from asking too many questions and make them ignore the curtness which he may have to apply.

He went to bed after eating the things he had brought along in his bag.

He hated that coat of fur so much… he will have to take care that the ticks dont return. He has already well memorized the methods of his keepers, how they got rid of them and kept it that way.

The next morning he went to the town, filled up his kitchen and storeroom and along with that, he bought a laptop, a cellphone and datacard. It was quite handy to be in a small town if you are ready to pay extra to get things in illegal way.

In bigger town people may instantly think that you are terrorist planning the next parliament attack. Here a bandaged body and a machine to do your talking… was convincing enough for people.


He returned to his cabin with enough stock for a month, he will have to go to the town for fresh vegetables and fruits but that could be managed…

He brought home enough equipments for starting his own garden, vegetable garden and started working on it.

When he was a human he was workaholic, now confined to this cabin, the only place where he could be himself, without bandage… here for the first couple of weeks he wore a mask and gloves to hide his skin but then realized no one ever will show up, unless he is lost in deep woods for hours, he stopped donning them.

Passing the time after evening was the tough part. There was television, connected through internet but that was too dull, repetitive, so he picked up the latest timepass of lonely hearts, internet.

He collected the photographs of a dozen handsome men of different ages, created a dozen profiles and started to randomly flirt with women of different age groups, starting from teenager to old, lonely women.

It was real fun.

If someone got too attached, or he liked someone quite enough he called them up and talked with them, sometimes for long long time.

He had more than enough money for one man, so getting a few SIM cards was no hassle at all. He distributed his girlfriends evenly on the phones.

The only problem was he sometimes forgot their names or other details. They pouted a bit, called him flirt but he has become expert in flirting, winning them back was not much problem for him at all.

A part of his heart was angry, at life, at everyone else, he knew it was irrational but could not control it, he settled his score with life by breaking hearts. He played with the women like an angler plays with fishes, before pulling them out of water, killing them.

He was becoming addict to it.


Then the next idea came up to his mind, he looked through the pictures of his girlfriends and selected the most charming ones, and then created fake ids in their names, and started to look for men, but their numbers soon started to get too high… he started to have more fun with them than with the girls.

“Somebody inside there…” he was startled by a female voice.

“Who is it?” He shouted from behind the curtains… he could see her, a lovely girl in her mid thirties. Standing in the sun, sweating and dishevelled.

“What do you want lady?” he asked without showing up.

“My car broke down… I have been wandering in these woods for ages…please do you have a phone…”

He stepped out in the verandah, she took a step back and then forced a little smile. He started to hate her.

“There is a phone inside..” he said. “Dont be afraid… I am not a monster… just a disfigured man… not because of leprosy or some other contagious disease.. accident.”

“Oh…I am so sorry to hear that…”

“If only you could hide your repulsion…” he thought inside.

He took her to the phone. She gave her car’s direction to her friend.

“I will be rather obliged if you wait near your car…. I dont like visitors… you know they ask twenty questions.” he said.

“Well, then you will hate it if I sometimes visit you…” she smiled sweatly. “My name is Nisha.”

“Oh… why will you take the trouble to travel so far into these woods from the town…?” he said.

“I dont live that far away… my house is an hour away from here…” Nisha said, “You did not said your name…”

“I am Dilip.” he said.

“Okay Dilip, I will leave for today… will call you after I reach home. Thanks.” Nisha said.

The moment she said her name memories he recognized her, he was one of his friends in internet, she knew him by the name of Ronit.

“Now it will be fun…” he smiled inside as she walked away to get to her car.


He instantly started to type, “Where are you?”

Her answer came a few hours later. “Hey! I have been out… sorry… just got back home.”

“Where were you?” he asked.

“with friends…”

“Girl or boy?”

“Girl…come on Raj, you know I dont go out with boys.”

“How will I know?”

“I am off to bed now… I am very tired. Goodnight Raj.” she discontinued the chat but he could see that she was online. Chatting with someone named Anurag. No, she was not chatting in a chatroom, once he befriended a man or woman he instantly hacked into their connections and monitored their online activities.

He did not steal anything from their bank accounts, he had enough money for the time being, but he loved bringing down havoc in their lives.

When he realized that a girl was having a crush on someone, he instantly fished out a few of his best girl ids and started to flirt with that boy, mostly he succeeded in ruining the relationship. He knew that men are more vulnerable to flirting, and women dont take it easily if their men flirt with any other woman while they are wooing them… so… mostly he had the last laugh.

he so loved to ruin relationships.




He never deserved this, living inside the body of a monkey. He now remembers his past life, that was not much pleasant either.

He got married when he was young, a village boy, he was supposed to, he left his wife at home to take care of his elderly parents and shifted to Kolkata.

He got bewitched by it, the girls all dressed up like dolls, fast life, soon he stopped going back home, years went by before he realized that they were making a fool of him.

He fell for one, head over heel, a young, beautiful girl who worked a few buildings away from his office. She was everything he wanted his wife to be. She knew how to dress and how to kill men with just a smile. It was true that she did not knew a single thing about running a home, but he was determined to earn enough to appoint a batallion of maids for her.

Then that night… He wanted to surprise her, so he returned from his tour early, the diamond ring in his pocket he slipped into his flat, she has been living together with him for a year now, they have discussed about his divorcing his wife and marrying her after next promotion, to the post of manager.

He stood at the door of his own bedroom, watching her, lying in the arms of another man.

He killed them both and then shot himself.

He woke up in that zoo.

His heart was filled with hatred for every woman, every man. He wanted his revenge, on anyone who was available.

He worked in a computer firm, a world renowned software developer firm for ten years, he aced in his own field and loved spending hours dabbling in other fields.

At that time he loved studying the hacking tools without any intention of using it on others. Sitting in his office he could manipulate the files of others, turn on their web cameras to spy on their personal life.

Now, he was using all those skills as his weapon.

Enjoying every moment. If he fancied someone and he or she was slack, he snooped on them for hours, it was much more fun than television.

A part of his heart yearned for human companionship, directly and this was his perverted way of getting it.


It was late in the morning when he woke up. He went to the kitchen after turning on the computer. By the time he will return with his cup of coffee the net will be up.

Another day begins… to break hearts and have fun.

He placed the kettle on the stove, he stood by the window looking out. Something pinched him on his forehead, he pulled it out… it was a dart.

He closed the window before slumping down.

When he opened his eyes his head was hurting like hell… he was back, back to the same place.

“He remembers everything about his past….” The doctor said.

“Let’s see if his wife remembers too…” his assitant laughed. “Let’s hope for his sake that she does not.”

“Wheel her in, keep her in this room, they have lot to catch up.” He heard the doctor and turned his head towards the bed being wheeled inside his cell, it was another chimp. Heavily sedated.

Will she remember that he shot her…. he wondered and hoped that she would not.


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